23 07/10

Margie’s Meditation Place

There is a lady also staying down here whom I will call Margie. She has not yet allowed me to photograph her. She is a very nice person and from the moment I came has shown me generosity, including allowing me to use her cooker to boil water for tea. What is remarkable about Margie is that she has a meditation or yoga practice. The image above shows where she sits when she does her practice, both in the morning and the evening. Sometimes the candle is lighted. Her eyes are closed and her lips move slightly. She is speaking, but the words are silent. I am reminded of the following from the Rig Veda:

Drunk by what proceeds in silence
We flourish on the airs, pranas:
You mortals merely see
Our physical bodies
– X.136.3

Margie’s physical body is, indeed, very dirty. I have been bathing, at least, at the beach. Margie knew her birth time and allowed me to cast her horoscope. It is a very tough chart on the material level. But the spiritual is indeed exalted. She has the ability to communicate with higher energies. In India, for millennia, people have gone to caves in the mountains, or the places where rivers meet, to meditate and transform themselves. Perhaps this bridge by this creek-bed is such a place.